Fitness Defined

The term fitness is used daily. Everyone talks about fitness and are usually referring to what they mean by fitness. So fitness can mean many things to many people. Within the larger Crossfit community fitness is defined. At CrossFit Hawkes Bay we implement and deliver the fitness as defined by Crossfit.Crossfit defines fitness by three standards

  • The first is competency in each of the ten defined fitness domains (cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, muscular stamina, strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy, speed and power). A fitness program is only effective to the extent that it develops these skills.
  • The second standard by which CrossFit defines fitness is the ability to perform well at any random physical task that one may face. This requires a fitness program to be both broad and constantly varied in all aspects of training.
  • The third standard deals with the different levels of metabolic conditioning or “cardio.”  To achieve optimal fitness, one must be able to perform well in the short, medium, and long duration of metabolic output.

So what is Crossfit?

What is it

Pretty picture but what does this mean?

Constantly Varied:

The human body for millions of years has been adapting to its environment. This is an amazing ability and has made us what we are today. However if you want to get fit this ability for the body to adapt can be detrimental with the wrong program. The ability of the body to adapt to repetitive exercises, movements, and other stresses can result in plateaus and arrested progress that can discourage a person from continuing a program. By constantly varying the exercises and movements performed, CrossFit ‘”confuses” the body ability to adapt and so plateau. Varying combinations of muscle groups, intensity of cardiovascular requirements, and duration of workouts are the CrossFit prescription to consistent and measurable progress.

Functional Movement:

Firstly no mirrors. No bicep curls or leg curls, because when do you see these in everyday life. CrossFit utilises functional movements rather than isolated muscle movements in the workouts. Functional is defined as “of or having a special activity, purpose, or task: a way in which something works or operates”. All of the movements we perform in CrossFit are designed to mimic movements that a person uses performing day to day tasks. Simply stated, our exercises are designed to utilise your entire body (core to extremity) as we see you body as a system and so do not wish to isolate one part of your body from another. So when you stand up from a chair, pick up heavy objects from the ground, or lift something overhead you are performing squats, dead-lifts, and push presses!

Because CrossFit training focuses on functional movements, your body will respond and you will see measurable fitness results. That is why many law enforcement, firefighting, military and elite fighting forces, professional athletes, martial artists, and professional fighters incorporate CrossFit as their principle physical conditioning component to their training. We use body weight exercises, medicine balls, kettlebells, skipping ropes, free weights, and pull up bars (among other things) to create workouts that alternate functional movements to create challenging workouts that are designed to improve fitness levels regardless of skill or current level of fitness.

High Intensity

We all have busy lives where for some getting time to exercise is a luxury. So we understand that your time is important. The typical CrossFit session lasts up to an hour with the actual workout lasting anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes. The results are measurably more effective than workouts that are 5 times as long. The difference? Intensity! All CrossFit workouts are programmed to achieve and preserve an intense level of stimulus that is unparalleled by other fitness programs.

Our specialty is not specialising.

The goal of CrossFit is not to specialise our members in any one area of fitness, but rather to increase the members’s competency in ALL of the fitness domains (GPP – General Physical Preparedness).  The exercises performed in a CrossFit workout are designed to, over time, prepare the participant for any physical challenge they may encounter.

Yes, but your exercises look crazy and dangerous

All our classes are coaches by a certified CrossFit coach. All our workouts are universally scalable, adapting the movements and exercises within every workout to meet each member’s specific fitness level and individual needs. We have members who are young and members who not so young. We have the fit and the not-so-fit. We even have members training with previously existing injuries. How can we have such a diverse group of people performing similar workouts? Easy! Each member works within their capabilities to achieve their peak fitness. The benefits are universal as well! Increased mobility, strength, flexibility, agility, energy, immune response, and bone density along with decreased risk of heart disease, strokes, cancer to name a few.

Because it focuses on functional movements, (movements that the body was designed for and performs daily) CrossFit not only exceptionally prepares people that depend on top physical condition to perform their jobs/duties, but it also excels at equipping anyone for every day life regardless of their current fitness level. Whether you are 9 or 90, an elite athlete or someone who has never seen the inside of a gym, CrossFit is for you!