14.1 Almost done and dusted

Well done by all tonight. Great efforts and atmosphere. Thanks to all for working round all the video and judging requirements. If you feel a need for doing it all again then we will have another session on Sunday from 2pm till 4pm. Either way then please post your results by 1pm on Monday That’ll give us a chance to validate.


2014 Crossfit Games Open



So The open is about to start. For us in NZ we will get the workouts made available to us at 1PM on a Friday. So how are we going to run these events, I hear you ask. Here are some points before we start.

  1. We will run the 2014 Open workouts every Friday at our 5:30 class. There will be scope to run the workouts for members at other times if this isn’t convenient. If this is the case then please contact me (Neil) to arrange judges and venue etc.
  2. We would like as menu of the registered competitors to complete the Online Judges course before Friday – because we need judges. If a competitor doesn’t have a registered judge then they have aspirations for Regionals then the score may not me accepted.

  3. All aspiring regionals competitors MUST get their workouts videoed. You will need to supply the recording device as there will be limited numbers on the day.

  4. Members coming to the 5:30 Friday class for a workout will be doing the 2014 Open workout for that week. So you might as well register.

  5. Registering for the Open is a good option for those who haven’t competed before as it is totally controlled by you whether you choose to post you results or even opt in for that particular workout.

  6. We will hold a briefing at 5:00pm every friday where will get everyone into heats, who is able to do the workout at that time. You will be assigned your judge at that time.

  7. After everyone has finished the Gym will put on some beers so getting as many friends and family down to support is a great way to build an atmosphere. If people wanting some beef could bring some nibbles then that would be most appreciated.

  8. After you have completed you workout and got it validated it is your responsibility to load the results and video where required. I will validate the score once it is entered and if it is completed at CFHB. If you are travelling ensure that the head coach/owner from the gym where you complete the workout validates your score.

That is all for now. Good luck.



3 Rounds (15 Min Cap)

  • 400 Run (weighted)
  • 10 Power Snatch (same weight as OHS)